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  Mission Statement  

Whigham School Mission Statement 

The mission of the Whigham School community is to empower all students with the knowledge and skills to think critically and independently. Our students will become productive members of society who are self-motivated to becoming lifelong learners. Whigham School provides a variety of rigorous educational programs through the use of engaging and relevant instruction. Whigham maintains high expectations of all students and educators while simultaneously addressing the effective use of multiple talents and intelligences. Whigham School provides an environment that nurtures the social, emotional, and academic growth of every child. The Whigham School team, consisting of parents, community, educators and staff, works together with students to provide a safe and orderly school climate wherein excellence in education is paramount.

  About The School  

Whigham School Values


  • We will develop students with the moral qualities of cooperation, loyalty, respect, integrity and self-discipline.
  • We will strive to motivate, encourage and instill responsibility in our students.
  • We will create a community of learners by promoting confidence, excitement and high expectations by providing positive learning environments for our students.
  • We will provide highly qualified teachers that will develop students to their fullest potential.
  • We will strive to create open, honest and flowing communication between school and home.
  • We will celebrate student successes!