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Whigham School's Teacher of the Year

Congratulations Tracy Champagne!




Positive Changes at Whigham School


Whigham School is implementing a new framework for behavior referred to as Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). PBIS promotes a positive discipline plan for the entire school, including the playground, the lunchroom, the classroom, and on the bus. The approach is to reward positive behaviors to help motivate students to behave in a positive way. This will then promote a positive learning environment for our entire school. Each child will become familiar with the expectations for "The Whigham Way" which is based on three key components, be respectful, be responsible and be ready. We will teach the expectations to all of our students, and we will recognize students who meet them. Expect to hear more about PBIS in the future.




Please check the Grady County Schools website for District Parent Involvement Plan and Parents Right to Know Information



Check out the following link to see all of the parent resources that are available.  There is great information that will...

Whigham Places

Won the Albany Technical College Nursery/Team Challenge

In the fall of this year, Whigham agriculture students modified an existing structure to become a chicken coop for a school based...
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Reported by Jodi Lopez, Whigham FFA Reporter   The Whigham Ag students have had a very successful garden this semester. ...
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We are collecting labels from Tyson product packages and redeeming them for cash. These labels can help our school...
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Whigham FFA members attended Summer Leadership Camp in Covington, GA.
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FFA attend the Summer Leadership Camp in Covington, GA this summer.
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You can help by turning in Box Tops for Education, Campbell's Soup labels, and by signing up for Harvey's School Rewards. ...
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